INDIA: Kannada films make inroads into the US market

January 23, 2016


Sandalwood has for a long time been regarded as the quieter, more humble industry in India that is content with releasing its films within Karnataka and ensuring they do well here. But 2015 saw a change, with the industry following in the footsteps of the three other South Indian film industries, which have been wooing overseas audiences, particularly the Indian diaspora in the US. As many as around 14 films released in the US and some of the films also did well, which has encouraged more makers to release their work there.

A trade source in the US says, “Around 14 films from Sandalwood released in the US, which collectively grossed approximately $420,000 (about Rs 2.7 cr.). RangiTaranga and Uppi2 were two films in particular that did extremely well, which encouraged more makers to release their films here. We’re expecting the number of films to increase in 2016.”

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